Monday, 16 August 2010

And now for something completely different !

Was asked to make a card for a baby shower... bit of a rush card... so went for something that did not take too long in colouring up with copics, and its been far too long since I done a bit of decoupage, so thought it would make a nice change, (plus I can cut out and watch tele at the same time !!! lol... )

The baby on its way, has the nickname Pip, and I was asked if I could put that on a bib or something... so found this image and had a play around with adding names etc.  
The papers are from Kanban cd, which is seeing more light of day than any  other cd I own... mind you I a sucker for gingham and flowers lol (not so you noticed).... so this is a perfect cd for me.
Well this is short and sweet today, as ... the combine harvesters are out now, in the field opposite my house, and... I had a little visitor last night.... checking out the new accomodation... well... I got news for him and his family.... I off spraying every nook and cranny with 'Spider stop'...  (cant see it working, but its worth a try)... small house/garden spiders... are NOT my fav creatures to say the least as scared of the stupid things.... but dirty great big hairy Harvest Spiders, with hob nailed boots on area  definate no no...    I LOVE living in the countryside... until this time of year.... ... so with trembley hands  .. I off upstairs to do all windows, doors, and anything else that doesnt move... or does if I find the 'tracker' they sent out last night... obviously, the hairspray trick doesnt work !!!!!

Will be back tomorrow with hopefully another card.. and no doubt it will be back to the copics !! unless of course Mr. Spider has settled in my craft room... in which case.... you might have to wait for said card lol... have good evening all.. hugs Jx x


Toni said...

love it jackie its fabulous

Pamela said...

What a great idea, it is beautiful.

Pamela x

Lorraine A said...

I love this card ,,, sooo cute !! love the papers and all the details ,, very pretty :-)

Lols x x x

Lynne Phelps said...

Wow, this is so charming and clever! Love the way you have popped up the umbrella, etc. GREAT card!