Saturday, 15 August 2009


One I done a couple of days ago, not sure about this one, love the image, but not got the card right.... oh well...
Gosh its been a busy day...done LOADS of painting, unfortunately, not card craft sort ! but walls.. and more walls.... son and daughters new house.. now why or how I got roped into that I dont know, as my place needs it more, Im sure, but... I seem to get pulled into the craft room, and nowt else gets done ! lol But with a new kitchen on the horizon, and possibly a new garden.... I will have to pull my finger out and re d ecorate the lounge very soon !!! ... but... my good friend Lynn... will defo be conned, sorry asked, to help ! lol she a whizz at cutting in ! ... me, cant see a blooming thing without me binoculars. ! So Im taking it easy for the rest of the evening with a glass or three of vino calapso.... and hopefully tomorrow can get back to what I really enjoy.... crafting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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