Thursday, 30 April 2009

Yoohoooo.... guess who..?

Hello everybodies... guess who? tis me..
Ive had such a lovely time... at my Nannies... cos guess what, my Unkle Matt and Auntie Anannie here... and I not met them before, well I did when I baby, but I no remember... I bit 'cared of them at first... but we had sooo much fun playing last night, when mummy come over for hot dinner, me not allowed it, but not like smell anyway.... Mummy had some with Matt, Anannie and Nannie... they said they would go pop cos ate soooo much... they tried to get me to try different th ings... but me said YUUUUUUKKKKKKK.... like Unkle Matts biskits thou... ooh I soo nearly in big troubles, cos I tried helping myself to them, cos thought it would save nannie the trouble.. and there is all sorts of stuff in cupboard, usually it empty apart from few tins and my biskits, so easy to get to.. but these other people must eat LOADS, cos cupboards sooo full, and I never seen so much stuff in Nannies cupboard, and my biskits right at the back... i did soo try and not knock anything over, but... oppps... but I still got my biskits... after three pink ones.. i got a bit... Nannie said Hyper... me not know what that mean, but I had LOTS of energy.. We played so much, well, I played with Anannie,... then she tired, so then I played with Matt, then he tired, and got grumpy a bit, me think he old man like my grandad, :), then I played with Nannie again, cos she had had a rest, then mummy had to go home ... but I was having such fun, I said NOOOOOOOO stay Nannie house, stay Nannie bed... I not care not got pjs, or only had 2 nappies, or not had bottle of milk or blankie... cos having sooooooooo much fun.... Xev loves me now, cos we played ball ... when Nannie, Anannie and Matt resting... Muggi hiding, still not sure why... only poked her in eyeball once... !
Then Nannie put me bed.. very big bed.. lots of pillows to stop me falling out... and............. Xev !!!! .. Nannie tried SOO hard to get her to go out of bedroom, but she wanted to stay with me cos she loves me, think it cos I throw the ball for her, and feed her hundreds of doggie biskits... even if she doesnt want them.. :) .. told Nannie come bed.. but she say later.... then.. when she just got in bed later... i sat up and frightened life out of her.... nearly as much as I did when shouted BARNEY about 3 am this morning, thats what nannie said, but I think she been dreaming myself... I not hear self talk in sleep, think Nannie making it alllll tup...
ooooh ... me 'cared of flies too.... but Anie catched them... but they went splatted and not fly afterward... why that? I said go way fly... :) (Auntin Anannie had to wash hands afterwards) . !
Then we had lunch... told nannie i like sketti... then when she cook it... said where beans !!! dont think she very happy, but ate ALLL my toast with butter on it..., tried to poke a sketti hoop in Xevs mouth, but dont think she liked sketti either !!
oooh time to go home now.. hope mummy still love me.. cos not want go home last night... and im a bit tired now, but not as tired as Nannie, Matt and Anannie... and Xev and Muggi ......... until next time everyboby.... from Ruby Tyler aged 2 xxx


Greta said...

Hahaha I love Ruby Tyler!! Think she should stay more often Jackie. x

Lynn said...

As wonderful as ever! Jackie, you have such an entertaining granddaughter, she really knows how to make me grin from ear to ear!
Come back soon Ruby Tyler!

Anonymous said...

Ruby, your adventures at Nannies are a delight to read. I can't wait for the next instalment.

Joy said...

What a wonderful way that Ruby Tyler has with words, she writes beautiful stories. You could learn from her Jackie! Can't wait for the next instalment.

Anonymous said...

How entertaining Jackie. Love Ruby Tyler even though I've never met her, feels like I know all about her. Visit again soon Ruby.
Lv Carol x x x

Anonymous said...

Ruby you had me giggling here.
Please stay more often

S xx

Anonymous said...

think you should make rubys adventures in to a book i love reading them think of all that craft stuff you could buy


PeeJay said...

So glad you had such a good time at Nannie's Ruby Tyler. Don't stay away too long 'cos we love you!

Toni said...

sounds like loads of fun Ruby you stay at nannys any time we like it too lol

Daisycat said...

Oh Ruby you make me laugh I hope you come back to stay at your Nannies soon.

Dawn Loring said...

Ruby what a lucky girl to get to stay with Nannie, Unkle Matt (wish I could stay with him) and Auntie Annanie!
Tell Nannie I have a talking Barney in my loft!!!!

My'scardcorner said...

Sounds like a fun night Jackie
Hope Ruby Tyler enjoyed it too lol

Norma said...

Well hello again Ruby Tyler, thanks for making me giggle,you should stay at nannie's more often
cos we love to hear what you're getting up to.
Came to get some inspiration from your nannies cards, so i am off to do that now

Norma x