Saturday, 20 December 2008

Been a bad blogger

Hi all, If Ive still got anyone that visits ! lol..
Cannot believe its been nearly a whole week since Ive posted anything.. I knew I had been busy, but... so sorry everyone, cos I know you all miss me... well ... it suddenly goes very quiet hehe.
I have finished all my cards, with inserts, just need to pop a few more in post today, that I had... erm.... forgotten to actually post.. !! Just as well I decided to have a bit of a clean up today, or they would still be there until next christmas probably LOL.. (well... new year then) !
I was going to go and see if my local Craft Central was closing down and grab some bargains today, but then thought... its only a bargain if i need it.. and to be honest.. apart from some stamps Im dying to get hold of.. (have written Santa a lovely letter) .. I actually dont need anything... so decided not to go.. instead went and played in craft room... and joy of joys, made some birthday cards.... so nice after all those snowflakes, holly and such like !..
Will add last few on here I did make.. and thats it again for an other year ... (thank goodness)... although I HOPE... (best laid plans)... to make a few a month next year, cos no matter how early I seem to start, I still end up rushing to get them finished.. but... as I said.. thats the plan... and Im sure I say the same thing ... every year ! LOL.. (bet I not alone either) ! Have also added a birthday card I made for a very good friend of mine.


Anonymous said...

hi jackie love the cards
been visiting every day
thought you had emigrated lol
nice to see you are back
chrisa x

Daisycat said...

Love the cards and I also thought you had gone awol as been keep visiting but there had been no action. Have a lovely Christmas and hopefully a better 2009.

Louise Emma said...

Beautiful cards hun x

Greta said...

Well I love your cards especially since I was lucky enough to receive 2 of them. How privileged am I? Thanks so much Jackie xxx

Norma said...

Another set of lovely cards Jackie.

Norma x