Wednesday, 10 December 2008

2 more.. will it never end?

done sons', now two daughters... phew.. nearly there ...... !
My girls soo different.. lol.... one is all girly, pretties and pink, the other... , no fancies no frills, mad sense of humour ! so as they spending Xmas together this year, I thought I best make two cards as near to similar as possible.. !!! yeah ok... confused? yeah, I was too !! lol both A4 Cards !!!!
anyway,... this is what I come up with..


Anonymous said...

two lovely cards Jackie glad you are nearly finished

Louise Emma said...

Great cards jackie, and no it never stops... i am still making more LOL

Jak Heath said...

Love em both but the comic one gave me a good giggle.

Anonymous said...

hi jackie trying again
love your blog the cards are lovely
chrisa x

Lynn said...

Gorgeous cards Jackie - love them both.