Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Out of the Box tutorial

Good morning all, its my turn to host the Tutorial Tuesday or Tuesday Tutorial,(in Bella and Brontes Clubhouse.), ... not quite sure which, but I do know it my turn and it Tuesday lol...   I know this has been shown before by various crafters... but hopefully there are still some people that haven't seen this technique done... specially the way I do it rofl..  so here goes, and I do hope it makes sense to everyone, if there is anything that you are not sure about, feel free to leave a question and I will try to answer it for you.
I have used Fairy Sleepy by Mo Manning. 

1.   Decide on which die you would like to use, and place over image as shown, with some of the image outside of your die. 

2.   mark around the outside of your die, (this helps to replace your die in the correct place later), and also the inside where you have any overlap, in this case all the wings,  (shown on one, where the pencil is ) for your cut out marks.

3.   Cut from your outside line upto and just a tad  past your inside pencil lines (the die should not be on your image at this time, this is to only show you clearly where I have cut the wings to)...  Once you have cut your image from pencil line to pencil line, place die over image and careful put any pieces you do NOT want to cut off on the outside like so, if you find it is too tight, go back and cut into the image in the places needed, these wont show later, so don't worry too much. 

4. Run through your die cutting machine and this is hopefully lol how it should come out.. (yep ok I have managed a few times to forget to put stuff 'outside of the box' and ended up with tailless mermaids and wingless Fairies.. rofl...  it happens ! ;) 

5. Take away your die... (hopefully wings still intact) :)  and trim away excess paper/card 

6. Rub away and inside pencil marks, and when sticking image to backing card/paper, try to put your adhesive over the little tiny cuts you may have left.... once stuck into place these will not show.

I do hope that t his tutorial helps some of you...

Many thanks for viewing... and please share with us in Bella and Brontes Clubhouse if you have a go, we would love to see your makes./ attempts :)   hugs Jackie

PS if you scroll down to the next post you will see the finished card using this gorge image. x


My'scardcorner said...

So cute Jackie and I'd not seen before.

Pat said...

Fabulous Jackie! I don't believe I've ever done this...well, maybe once! Thanks for the great tute!! Hugs. Pat Frank