Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Hi All

Ok........... so maybe no cards AT MO !!!.. but... beginning to get itchy fingers.... so thought it time I updated you guys, and let you know whats going on.

Re kitchen.......... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... no ! it not finished LOL... now there is a surprise. ! .. been 4 months now, and still no tiles on walls, no level floor, no flooring, no handles on doors, well ok, you get the drift... it NOT finished ! Ihave agreed with the kitchen company on putting right the problems... but have to contact the original builder they use, and I used, can I get hold of him? NO. ! ... cant fit wall tiles until these alterations have been made, floor cannot be levelled until i choose a flooring... can I choose a flooring NO !!!! lol... why? cos I want vinyl and cant find one of 7mm that I like, can have tiles, which dont want, but have chosen some really nice ones.... so........................ the quandry goes on there ! . However, got bum into gear and finished painting all walls, tomorrow, will be sorting doors that HAVE been hung, ie undercoat and top coat, plus can do the rad, if dont mind freezing to death whilst I do it ! lol
So I spose, slowly .... yes VERY slowly, but surely I am getting there, patience left home months ago.
Now, onto the back garden... YIPPEEEE.. done and dusted in less than two weeks... shed ordered and awaiting delivery. (think the kitchen builders ought to take a leaf out of THIS book !)...
Yep will add some piccies... well I been away for that long best I add something for you to look at ! lol.
Next on agenda.... PUPPY.............. oh didnt I mention this? ! lol... Was 'given' a pup for a Xmas pressie.... by my three lovely kids, but I couldnt chose one, cos I wasnt here at time, snowed in, in Lincs... But on reflection, it probably for best, as ... now not the right time for me, ( some of you might remember, I lost a 'baby' in November), I am going to visit son and DIL in 3 weeks time, and then I am off to Spain in June, so.............. my new baby will be chosen and come home to mum in July, just in time for my birthday. :) What am I having this time?........... a little Jack Russell puppy, :)... am VERY excited by this, and is something to look forward to , summer best time as can potty train it then ! lol

and last but not least ..................... CARDS !!!!!!!!!!! Yes I will be back to making cards as soon as I return from Pemba Island. I am beginning to miss it now, but still up the wall with house, but hope by time I chillaxed on hols I will be up and ready, and raring to go. I MISS CREATING !
So my lovely followers, please hang on in there... cos as promised, I will be back (hehe in the words of Arnie !).
Hope you are all well and creating like mad... and I will be joining you all again VERY soon, please hang on in there !!!!
big hugs


Teri said...

Glad to hear you are still in the land of the living!
My kids want a dog too, but they won't get one until they can keep their floors tidy!! LOL. Bribary and corruption eh?
Hope you have a fabby holiday if I don't 'speak' before!
Teri xx

Nicky said...

HI jackie glad to see your back in the land of blogging jesus you have been through it, I must admit im sooooo pleased i had my 2 kittens last summer, they are still making me laugh etc, there very chilled cats which is good in our mad house hope you and Pam have a wonderful holiday xx

Maureen said...

Pleased to see you back in blogland.

My'scardcorner said...

Nice to see you back Jackie Hope you are soon all sorted. Enjoy your holiday with Pam and Spain then your new puppy we had a jack russel before our yorkie and she lived till she was 18 and was such a charactor.I bet you cant wait.

Craftypat said...

Glad to see you adding to your blog and even more glad to hear you will be back in creative mode soon.
Sorry to hear the kitchen is still an ongoing project.
I hope you and Pam have a great time
on your hols and you both come back really chilled out.
Take care
Pat x